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Me Priori
[mee pry or -ee]


Everything changed for the better when I began to make Me a Priority.

Investing wasn't something I grew up with. My family never talked about financial markets, and it seemed like a world reserved for a select few.

But I was always curious about building a secure future for myself. So, I decided to take the initiative and began investing in my 20’s.

The markets themselves felt like a complex maze.

There were so many investment options beyond just basic stocks and mutual funds, and the lack of guidance in my community made it even more daunting.

The fear of getting in over my head definitely held me back. The constant barrage of stories about people losing money didn't help either.

There was always someone who knew someone who lost money in the market. This made it seem like the markets were a risky gamble, not a potential path to financial freedom.

This is what many people experience, even those new to investing.

Despite these challenges, I was determined to learn. The more I researched and explored, the more I realized that financial markets weren't just for the privileged few.

With the right knowledge and approach, anyone could participate and build wealth. This discovery was a revelation.

I saw an opportunity to break down the barriers that once excluded people from the financial markets.

That's why I created Me Priori.

We empower individuals to take control of their financial future through education and proven strategies. We believe that financial freedom shouldn't be a privilege for the select few. It should be an attainable goal for anyone with the drive and dedication to learn.

Just like me, you can break free from the limitations and fear that hold you back. With Me Priori, you can unlock the full potential of the financial markets and design the life you deserve.


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From Healing to Investing:
My Journey to Becoming a Free Time Investor

Hi, I'm Elisha Lowe. My journey in the financial markets began as a wide-eyed novice, eager to learn and navigate the complexities of investing and trading.

Over the past two decades, I've transformed into a seasoned investor and trader, constantly honing my skills and seeking new knowledge.

I've spent thousands of dollars and hours further sharpening my expertise across various markets, including stocks, stock options, and most recently, futures markets.

And it has been absolutely worth it!

More than two decades ago, I began my career in healthcare as a registered nurse, passionately caring for patients in intensive care units (ICUs). Witnessing the strength and resilience of my patients during challenging times was incredibly inspiring.

While I deeply valued caring for patients directly, I became increasingly curious about the bigger picture of healthcare and how innovation could improve patient outcomes.

As my career evolved, I transitioned from bedside nursing to the industry side of healthcare where I honed my expertise as a healthcare executive on both commercial and medical affairs teams.  

The work was fulfilling and had its rewards but I didn't own my time.

Drawing on my expertise in healthcare and entrepreneurial spirit, I founded a specialty home care agency focused on individuals recovering from plastic surgery.

Our unique approach to aftercare helped to achieve faster recoveries and significantly reduced complications, making a tangible difference in
 patients' lives. 

I did this while completing an MBA program, working and traveling fulltime. My time really was not my own.

During this period, as I navigated my role as a business owner and engaged with diverse mastermind circles, including serving as President, I witnessed the power of building relationships and honing my leadership skills. 


Amidst these experiences, a realization dawned on me - the significance of personal finance and the immense potential for wealth creating through trading financial markets. Recognizing the financial challenges many of us faced in keeping our businesses afloat, I decided to act. 

I began hosting intimate dinners at my apartment, bringing together a group of ambitious women who, like me, were balancing full-time work and entrepreneurial pursuits. I called the dinner group, Women and Money, after the latest Suze Orman book. Together we shared our dreams, visions, and set goals. 


During this time, I expanded my skill set by trading stock options trading, which became an integral part of my financial toolkit. With the guidance of a mentor, I experienced a breakthrough moment when I achieved my first $6k week - a transformative milestone that shifted my perspective on what was possible and opened my eyes to new opportunities in the world of finance. 

Years ago, I took a picture standing against a wall in my home. The words that adorned it read: "The secret to having it all is... knowing you already do." This simple yet profound reminder sparked a shift within me. 


With clarity on what I wanted to create in my life, I began to speak it into existence and focused my attention on my goals. Miraculously, the puzzle pieces started falling into place. 


I made the decision to invest in training courses and sought out mentors who aligned with my vision, and soon enough, I started experiencing months where I could replace the income from my job. 

Through my journey from a healthcare career to becoming a Free Time Investor, I've liberated myself from the constraints of trading time for dollars and found a path where I take charge of my finances and truly own my time. 

Cheers to your success! 

Elisha Lowe RN, BSN, MBA 


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