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Opting Out of the 'Customer in Training' Matrix

Jan 29, 2024

Over the past 12 years I’ve been downsizing my life and getting rid of stuff.

I may have gone overboard because a year ago I could fit all my worldly possessions into my car. This process has had me thinking deeply about consumerism.

I just left the supermarket where I saw a little girl pushing a miniature cart with a flag on it that read, “customer in training”.

And I thought…

Wow! From a very early age, we're groomed to be consumers.

And marketers, skillful in tapping into our emotions, guide us toward a singular response: buy this.

We're bombarded with messages convincing us that possessing more equates to happiness. Advertisements play on our desires, promising a better life, enhanced attractiveness, or elevated status through the acquisition of their products.

But what if we were raised with a different narrative? What if, from our formative years, we were encouraged to aspire to be more than just consumers?

What if the focus shifted from accumulating possessions to cultivating experiences, connections, and personal growth?

I believe it's essential to question the scripts we've internalized. Is our worth truly tied to the things we accumulate, or is it anchored in the impact we make, the relationships we nurture, and the experiences we gather along the way?

In helping individuals achieve 100% salary independence, I've encountered a common thread — the yearning for a more purposeful existence.

It's a desire to break free from the consumer mold and redefine success on one's terms. So, how can we break the shackles of consumerism? How can we empower the next generation to see beyond the "customer in training" flag and envision themselves as creators, innovators, and contributors?

It starts with fostering a mindset that values fulfillment over possessions, experiences over acquisitions, and meaningful connections over fleeting transactions. It's steering away from the predetermined consumer script and embracing a storyline where our choices create ripples of purpose, impact, and genuine satisfaction.

As I reflect on that little girl and her miniature cart, I'm inspired to continue rewriting my own narrative. I encourage you to do the same.

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