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The 52-Week Book Challenge. It’s a no for me.

#52weekbookchallenge Jan 02, 2024

Deep contemplation > speed reading.

Going beyond the pages…

As our lives hurtle forward in a whirlwind of constant motion, the notion of consuming a book each week has captured the imaginations of many.

It's a challenge that promises to expand our minds, deepen our knowledge, and transform us into literary powerhouses.

But as an avid reader, I find myself hesitating at the thought. Is there something to be gained from such a fast-paced literary journey, or…

Do our brains need more breathing space?

The 52-book challenge didn't materialize out of thin air. It has roots in the ever-expanding world of social media challenges, with influencers and book enthusiasts alike championing the cause.

The idea seems noble – a commitment to constant learning and growth. But where did it all begin, and how has it evolved over time?

To put this challenge into context, we need to consider the historical significance of reading. Throughout history, many influential figures and cultures have revered the written word.

However, their approach to literature often involved deep contemplation and thorough understanding rather than speed-reading through a book a week.

How does the modern challenge align with these historical views on the transformative power of reading?

Proponents of the 52-book challenge argue…

That it offers numerous benefits, from expanding our knowledge base to enhancing cognitive abilities. There might be studies suggesting positive effects, but can these gains be achieved without sacrificing the pleasure of deep reflection and contemplation that comes with reading?

For many of us, the idea of reading a book a week is nothing short of daunting.

The challenge may inadvertently lead to rushed reading, reduced comprehension, and even burnout. How do we reconcile the desire for extensive reading with the need for thoughtful contemplation?

Contemplation is the secret sauce.

It’s the ingredient that transforms reading from a passive activity into a profound and enriching experience. It's the pause between chapters that allows ideas to settle and resonate.

As an avid reader, I've often found that the true impact of a book comes not from the speed at which I finish it, but from the time I spend reflecting on its contents.

In my own reading journey, I've faced the challenge of finding a balance between the desire to devour books and the need for thoughtful reflection. It's a delicate dance that involves setting realistic goals, recognizing individual reading speeds, and understanding that quality often triumphs over quantity.

Reader's Digest.

It's time to reevaluate the 52-book challenge. Instead of fixating on the quantity, let's shift our focus to the quality of our reading experiences. Flexibility, thoughtful reflection, and finding a reading routine that aligns with our individual lifestyles might be the keys to unlocking meaningful results.

Let's return to the joy of reading.

Elisha Lowe is a business strategist, entrepreneur, and advocate for empowered living. With over two decades of experience in healthcare and financial markets, she brings a unique perspective to personal and financial growth. As the founder of Me Priori, Elisha helps individuals reclaim their time, finances, and purpose through Crown Resonance. Her journey from corporate life to financial independence and entrepreneurship inspires many to embrace change, make confident choices, and live life on their own terms.

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